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Not sure how to build your own website or lacking the time and talent? CJA Web Designs is a team of designers who can design the perfect site.

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Continuous improvement is key for any business, and having experts like CJA Web Designs to support that growth can make a significant difference.

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Guided by the expertise of CJA Web Designs, businesses are empowered to elevate their performance and soar to new heights.

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CJA Web Designs specializes in crafting professional website designs that establish a constant online presence, speaking volumes to potential customers about the value of your products or services. No matter the scale of your enterprise, we offer tailored web solutions that fit your needs without breaking the bank.


Our Team

With a team of seasoned and committed experts, we prioritize delivering top-notch customer service from inception to completion. Our aim is to furnish you with a premium website at a competitive price. Our web designers not only focus on creating visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces but also work diligently to ensure your site aligns with your online marketing objectives. Leveraging our expertise in the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, we're dedicated to boosting your site's visibility and driving traffic.

Based in Michigan, we provide custom website development services that uniquely showcase the essence of the businesses we serve. Through personalized graphics, imagery, and tailored content centered around your company, coupled with insights into SEO strategies that elevate your search engine rankings, we empower you to gain a significant edge over your competitors.

What our Clients have to say ...

Manufacturing Client

“Cheri is a very energetic, highly motivated, over-the-top ambitious entity. She takes multitasking to a whole new level.

This multi-tasker is one lady you want on your relay team! She can take an idea or a problem through the paces to the desired outcome.

Cheri is articulate, creative, accurate and highly skilled. She is a certified webmaster, researcher, designer and even a computer instructor!

She has also spent many years working in municipal government and understands the intricacies of working in the political world.”
Acme Mills Company.

Community Projects

Cheri has a great mix of knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm. I'd recommend her to anyone who needs creativity and a great understanding of eye-catching, attention-grabbing business presence methodologies on the web!
- Ryann Perry

Cheri was instrumental in launching multiple internet campaigns throughout the Midwest area. Recommend her for future corporations looking to expand their markets and get the message out!
- Alan Rygiel

Cheri is a hard worker who won't give up until the customer is completely satisfied. She is also very personable and a delight to work with.
- Daniel Scott

Website Solutions

5-star Review

CJA has been fantastic to work with! Cheri's commitment, responsiveness, and fair pricing make them stand out.

Having two successful websites created by them speaks volumes about their quality. Cheri's dedication seems to shine through in her work.

Recommending her seems like a no-brainer based on our positive experience!

John Danielski, Danielski Lawfirm Taylor MI

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